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Always a student of this living tradition, I maintain an enthusiasm for learning with fellow teachers near and far.
— Stacy Winslow, E-RYT 200, RYT 500


Slow Restorative Yoga - * Recommended for Beginners / Yoga mats are provided

Slow Flow is a slower type of flow (vinyasa) yoga, in which the movement is synchronized with breath in a smooth, flowing way. Ranging from a gentle and therapeutic pace to a mildly vigorous practice, you will be calmly challenged and energized in this class. As you flow through powerful, graceful sequences at a slower pace than regular flow classes, the focus turns to building and engaging your strength and concentration. By moving slowly and holding postures for several breaths, you will build strength and increase flexibility through slow, focused movements, allowing your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in strengthening poses.

Restorative Yoga is a gentle, calming, therapeutic practice that soothes the nervous system and releases physical and mental tension. Props such as blankets, blocks, and straps support the body in gentle stretching sequences and nurturing, sustained postures that ease the entire system into relaxation and balance. Restorative Yoga is perfect for beginners and a great complement for more experienced practitioners. It can help heal the effects of chronic stress and fatigue, support recovery from illness or injury, and aid in navigating anxiety and change. 


Sunrise Yoga - * Recommended for All Levels of Fitness / Yoga mats are provided

This deep stretch class is perfect for balancing out all of the work that your body does for you all week long. As we do everyday tasks, our muscles build tension. Deep stretch will bring ease and relaxation to tight muscles. Most of the class is spent on the floor, holding each pose for at least 2 minutes.