President and Chief Executive Officer Job Description

 The Carolinas/Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council (“The Council”), an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (“NMSDC”), is one of the nation’s premier organizations for increasing business and contracting opportunities between major buying organizations and minority-owned businesses. It is a membership organization for major corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, and universities and operates within a service area comprised of including Hampton Roads, Central VA, and Western, VA., North Carolina and South Carolina. Specifically, the Council promotes and facilitates the development of business relationships between its members and NMSDC-certified minority-owned business enterprises.

The Council works to expand business opportunities for minority-owned companies to build a stronger, more equitable society by supporting and promoting minority supplier development. The Council has over 250 corporate members and approximately 446 certified minority businesses. The Council organizes networking events, educational sessions and unique opportunities that serve as venues for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and corporate members to come together and identify mutually beneficial opportunities to work with one another.

The Council is a private, non-profit organization categorized by the IRS as 501(c)(3). The Council is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and relies on advisory committee volunteers to assist with programs in each region. This approach helps develop closer relationships with members, and better defines programs and services. The Council is an affiliate of the NMSDC and its relationship is governed by an affiliation agreement executed by NMSDC and the Council. Continued affiliation with the NMSDC is at the sole discretion of the NMSDC.

The President, a senior-level management position, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Carolinas/Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council CVMSDC). The President reports directly to the chairperson of the Board of Directors. The president's primary areas of responsibility include securing minority-owned business participation in the corporate and public buying entity procurement process while promoting and advocating for minority supplier development in the geographic area served by the Council. Day-to-day operations, including personnel, financial, and program management, are the direct responsibility of the President. The President has wide latitude in exercising independent initiative and judgment, subject to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

NMSDC Strategy and Goal

The strategy of the NMSDC is to engage in the business of aiding the growth and development of ethnic-minority-owned business through the purchasing of goods and services, by public and private purchasing entities with the goal of assisting bona-fide ethnic-minority businesses in becoming long- term, qualified entities capable of competing in the national and international economic mainstream. The strategic goals are as follows:

Goal I – Serve Corporate Members
Goal II – Enable Growth of Certified MBEs Goal III – Develop Certified MBEs
Goal IV – Promote Excellence in Global Minority Business Development Goal V – Enhance NMSDC National Network

DUTIES: Board Support the development and strengthening of the Board including assisting with member recruitment, strategic planning, and program evaluation

  • Serve as a voting member of the Board and the Executive Committee.
  • Works with the Board in developing and translating strategies and executing action plans.
  • Assists the chairperson of the board in planning Board meetings, and providing input relative to chair assignments.
  • Assist the Board in identifying, interviewing, recruiting, and orienting prospective new members of the Board and in monitoring board performance.
  • Provide staff support and assist Board, Executive Committee, and Standing Committees in carrying out their responsibilities in line with goals, objectives, and budget.

Staff: Provide operational oversight and carry out full management responsibilities for the Council staff including personnel, administration, work delegation, and performance evaluations.

  • Conduct the recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and training of all office staff.
  • Carry out annual performance evaluation of staff, work with the staff on their career development, and advise the Board of adjustments in responsibilities and compensation.
  • Continually evaluate the staff’s responsibilities and performance ensure the best allocation of resources.
  • Recommend compensation and benefit policies to the Board.

Administration: Supervise office operations and direct all administrative functions within limits established by Board Policy

  • Act as the liaison for the MBE Input Committee, the Executive Committee and the Board Standing Committees.
  • Approve all vouchers for expenditures within the limits established by Board Policy and oversee purchase of equipment.
  • Enter into contracts, leases, or purchase agreements within limits established by Board Policy with vendors for equipment, supplies, and services.
  • Procure insurance to cover all liabilities as an employer, service provider, and grantor, as well as coverage for our own office and staff health benefits.
  • Assure maintenance and compliance with affiliation standards.
  • Facilitate the timely collection and compilation and reporting of quarterly activity reports as well as annual corporate purchasing reports utilizing the reporting procedures established by the NMSDC.
  • Maintain compliance with the NMSDC and the Minimum Standards of Affiliation.
  • Review program reports and direct staff in program planning and development.
  • Manage physical facilities.
  • Obtain information on grants that can be utilized by CVMSDC and enter into contractual agreements.

Financial: In conjunction with Board Treasurer, prepare annual organizational budget for approval by the Board and oversee the Council’s financial development and disbursement of funds.

  • Assist staff in the development of individual program budgets.
  • Supervise the outside accountant.
  • Sign all checks for outside vendors and grantees within limits established by Board policy.
  • In conjunction with the Board Treasurer prepare monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors and oversee outside accounting firm banking procedures and cash flow.
  • Prepare monthly reports in a timely manner for board meetings.
  • Contract for the annual audit and IRS form 990 reported by an outside accounting firm.
  • Oversee preparation of all reports to outside local, state, and federal agencies.

Program: Provide supervision and direction related to CVMSDC program areas and activities.

  • President needs to benchmark slots for educational programs that will support the Corporate/MBE members, and make recommendations to the Program Committee and Board.
  • Work with the staff and the Board to assure effective programs and services that meet or exceed constituent need and expectations.
  • Implement annual membership campaign for increasing corporate membership and retention of Corporate/MBE members.
  • Identify needs of the Corporate members and implement solutions for program development. Oversee the aggressive recruitment, retention and certification of MBEs. Maintain updated profiles on minority suppliers located within the counsel’s established geographical area.
  • Implement processes and systems that facilitate the inclusion of MBEs in corporate member sourcing strategies and opportunities.
  • Ensure programs are managed profitably against the program committee’s budget.

External Affairs: Position the Council as the key resource for Minority Supplier Development initiatives.

  • Serve as primary spokesperson for CVMSDC.
  • Represent the CVMSDC on various media forums.
  • Share the CVMSDC vision through public appearances at area governmental and civic functions.
  • Assure the implementation of PR strategies.
  • Work collaboratively with other community based organizations in fulfilling the mission of the CVMSDC.
  • Maintain a public profile in the geographic areas served by the Council.
  • Disseminate information about the Council and its programs to members, prospective members, minority suppliers and the media.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in a related field preferred
  • Seven to ten years of management and leadership experience (organizational, financial, and human resources) with a corporation and/or business related non-profit organization. Experience should include a tangible track record illustrating initiative, growth of an account base and the strategic approaches that were personally designed and implemented to create the success
  • High level of existing relationships within the regional service area and/or national business community
  • Must support and adhere to The Council’s Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Demonstrated technical competency and efficiency
  • Demonstrated understanding of entrepreneurial frameworks, particularly focused on minority business ownership.
  • “Hands-on initiative”
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and visionary leadership
  • Exceptional sales experience and demonstrated non-profit knowledge
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Must be able travel regionally and nationally. Out of office time estimated to be 50% to 75%, related to multi-state travel and a minimum of three NMSDC quarterly meetings, plus the NMSDC Annual Conference and Trade Fair
  • Demonstrated Cultural Competency and Dexterity relative to people, business, organizations and geographical regions

All interested candidates should submit their resumes