Upon payment of dues, a Certificate and Welcome letter will be submitted to the newly certified supplier. In addition, a User-Name and Password will be issued for access into the Carolinas-Virginia MSDC database available on our Website. Certified suppliers will obtain access to networking with MBEs, government agencies and corporate representatives affiliated with the Council. A listing of Carolinas-Virginia MSDC members, including contact names and e-mail addresses, will be available. All new certified suppliers will be invited to upcoming Carolinas-Virginia MSDC/NMSDC sponsored networking and procurement functions.

How can a firm capitalize on being a certified supplier of the council? 
There are several ways to take full advantage of all the Council offers. However, active involvement and participation are keys to capitalizing on your certified supplier opportunities.

  1. Become an active participant in Carolinas-Virginia MSDC committees. Committee structures exist to assist Carolinas-Virginia MSDC in the execution of its annual operations and provide certified suppliers with a direct opportunity to network with other MBE, government and corporate affiliates. The following committees are available for certified supplier participation:
    • MBE Input Committee
    • Foothills Regional Advisory Committee
    • Metrolina Regional Advisory Committee
    • Triad Regional Advisory Committee
    • Piedmont Regional Advisory Committee
    • Midlands Regional Advisory Committee
    • Central Virginia Regional Advisory Committee
    • Eastern Virginia Regional Advisory Committee
    • Western Virginia Regional Advisory Committee
  2.  Target specific corporation(s) you would like to do business with. Research the company’s business and develop a strategic approach for conducting business. Every corporation is currently buying from someone! Who are your competitors
  3. Participate in educational seminars offered by the Council, bi-monthly luncheons, National conferences and all other Carolinas-Virginia MSDC/NMSDC networking functions.
  4. Provide the Council with feedback on your networking success stories. Our monthly newsletter highlights certified suppliers who have had recent success in obtaining contracts and developing successful partnerships.
  5. Update our office on any changes regarding the operation of your business. Communication to certified suppliers is driven by updated information contained in our database. Please keep us informed of any changes.
  6. Continue to impact the successful operations of your business by offering quality, timely, and professional services.