As an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, each affiliate regional council follows national Certification standards as established by our Fortune 500 Corporate Members. Thus, the regional councils are certifying for their corporate members and following their requirements. In addition, “it is the responsibility of each and every applicant to prove that its firm meets the Certification requirement rather than the regional council’s Certification Committee to prove that the applicant does not meet the criteria.” Since each regional council’s Board of Directors charge their Certification Committees to “analyze and evaluate” the applicant’s ownership, day-to-day management, and absolute control of the organization as presented, the Certification Committee shall offer no assistance. It is neither the Committees’ nor the staffs’ responsibility to assist an applicant in completing the Certification application. The Certification staff and Committee shall review what an applicant presents and make an appropriate recommendation to the Board of Directors based on those facts. There are no right or wrong answers, only verifiable answers.

However, since applicants come into the Certification process with different levels of business expertise and tacit corporate or LLC operational knowledge, some applicants may need assistance with the Certification package. Please be reminded that in most communities (or within a close proximity) there are sources of support for new or newly created firms. For example, either your firm’s professional advisors – legal and accountant team — or Board of Directors if incorporated or Board of Managers or Members if a Limited Liability Company — are potential sources. In addition, if your firm is located near either a public-supported college or university, the college or university may have a “Small Business Development Center” or a “Minority Business Development Center.” Either the SBDC or MBDC is a perfect consulting source. To make the most of the Certification timeline, the Certification Committee suggests that each applicant evaluate the need for assistance before the applicant submits the firm’s package.