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Development is a pillar of our strategy. CVMSDC knows Leadership Skills are always necessary for successful business executives. As a value added benefit to our certified members, CVMSDC offers executive level programs to help MBEs build skills to grow business to the next level. Please apply now through CVMSDC for 2020 Opportunities in the following programs:

MBE Leadership Academy sponsored by Sonoco provides pivotal training for MBEs. This 12-month small group customized training program helps key stakeholders analyze and evaluate their business offerings. Classes are held in person and on-line with enriching content from industry experts. With an emphasis on value creation, and capacity-building, MBEs meet monthly starting each May to realize opportunities. 


CEO ACADEMY The CEO Academy sponsored by Wells Fargo helps drive success. CEOA is a 10-month developmental program customized for MBE CEOs. The participant-focused impact produced increased profitability; developed through bold leadership, visionary future-focus, and professional as well as personal financial growth skills. Additionally, the market-focused impact for the participants was increased capability and scalability to handle larger projects. Success is achieved by enhancement of brand recognition and acquisition of new customers–supported by organizational change and restructuring.
UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND The Minority Executive Management Program at The University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business has designed an innovative leadership development program exclusively for Owners and Chief Executive Officers of certified minority owned businesses. Leadership skills, business expansion, and customer service, will be at the forefront of this offering. Sessions run annually for one week of study in September.      Apply Now       University of Richmond Alumni Donations


TUCK Delve into one week of intense business analysis and development taught by top strategists at prestigious Dartmouth. This curriculum designed for MBEs offers two independent one week courses. (Level I and Level II) Each program is designed for Owners, CEOs, and CFOs to take a deep dive into their operations, and develop strategies for business success. A fast-paced MBA style program, will help you identify your weaknesses, assess your strengths, and ultimately create strategies for increased capacity.
KELLOGG AMEP is a custom executive education program created by NMSDC in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University to provide certified, established, expansion-oriented MBEs with the skills and tools needed to achieve and sustain accelerated growth. NMSDC corporate members recommend high-potential MBEs with sales greater than $5 million for manufacturing firms and greater than $3 million for service firms. Through this interactive curriculum and team-based study MBEs learn growth strategies specifically to build capacity and sustainability for the future. This program runs annually for one week. *Upon acceptance to a program, attendees are requires to commit to the entire course session. For each program, transportation is the sole responsibility of the attendee. Tuition scholarships are provided for most participants. For an application, please call 704-549-1000 or email

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