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At the core of CVMSDC’s operations is, Certification of MBEs. This certification is widely accepted by national corporations and is a model used by various national government agencies as well. CVMSDC continues to grow its portfolio of qualified MBEs.


CVMSDC has a two-pronged approach to develop and meet the needs of its two key stakeholders. For corporations, CVMSDC cultivates and maintains a highly qualified portfolio of MBEs. It also serves as a key advisor to many of these same corporations on their supplier development programs. For MBEs, CVMSDC helps build capacity, so that they are more competitive and better positioned to do business with corporate members.


CVMSDC serves as a bridge builder between its corporate partners and certified MBEs. MBEs that commit to being fully engaged in the networking process, established by the Council, can leverage the value derived through these networking opportunities, as well as the many business development opportunities presented in the form of RFPs / RFQs, strategic partnerships, expansive resources, and contracts.


CVMSDC promotes supplier development and advocates on behalf of its certified MBEs by providing unique access channels to opportunities that expose their capabilities and strengths to prospective buyers and procurement specialists.

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